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Middle East July - 2020

In the Middle East, just like the rest of the world, the year began afresh by praying to the Divine to help one be engaged in Selfless Seva. Unfortunately, due to the outburst of the pandemic, Seva came to a quick halt in March. Fear had struck, confusion arose and people in general did not know what to do. However, by June, a new confidence arose and by the grace of Bhagawan, Seva activities commenced in the Middle East!

So, the breakdown gave way to a good-day-break to the devotees and what commenced in June, continued to seep through the next month as well. This time however, all the selfless people, irrespective of where they belong and who they may be, came together to serve in times of need.


The Sri Sathya Sai Love Kit (Ssslk) Seva

  • Five families who had lost jobs were given the Sri Sathya Sai Love Kits (SSSLK)

  • Seven bachelors waiting to go back to their home country due to loss of work were given SSSLK

  • 18 Fishermen were given SSSLK. The plight of fishermen throughout the world is visible as they live on a meagre income. The fishermen wished to show gratitude to the volunteers and asked if they could offer them the best of fish that they had got from their day’s work. It was politely declined as selfless service should not result in hurting another creature (at least knowingly) and is undertaken with no expectations in return.

  • 480 workers in different labour camps throughout Middle East were served with SSSLK.

  • 16 lady workers in an industrial labour camp were served with SSSLK.


One of the lady workers who had received the SSSLK in June 2020 had shared that her daughter in India could not continue her education as the learning system is currently online and due to non-availability of any electronic gadgets, the child could not set about continuing her schooling. A noble benefactor, hearing this need, donated a laptop this month for her daughter and thus helped in the cause of Right to Education for all.

It must be noted that while one group was engaged in collecting the groceries, another was given the role of measuring and packing the items for all. Yet another group relentlessly went around distributing the SSSLK to all.

One could also perceive the Divine Hands at work throughout, for, whenever the volunteers were slightly disturbed about the shortage of any of the items, it would either miraculously be delivered exactly at that moment or one would have realised that there are some items in the boot of their car and when they went to fetch them, it would be exactly the same item that the volunteers were looking for. Sai, the Chittachora made it disappear and appear all at the same time! The devotees just rejoiced every moment that they did the Seva. The magic of Selfless Seva can never be recounted in full; it has only to be experienced!

At the end of the day, the Sai devotees were inspired by the philanthropic groups they were involved with, as the groups served at least 1,000 people every month in the Middle East, and daily engaged themselves in some form of service or the other. The noble groups, seeing the dedication of Sai’s folk felt that the devotees were actually “Sai Duplicates”. A mini society is being formed, where each one inspires the other to do more selfless service. Dear Sathya Sai, What thanks can one render Thee!

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