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Middle East Seva October - 2020

During the pandemic, when most people prefer to confine themselves behind closed doors, attending to their business and personal needs with social distancing as a must for the collective safety of society; some people thought differently and made a difference in other’s lives without compromising any safety guidelines. There are a lot of people suffering, looking for help, and in this rightful moment the youth group, inspired by the philanthropic works of one of the greatest humanitarians the world has ever witnessed, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, set out to dedicate their time for the welfare and happiness of distressed people!

Love for Love sake

When one has an open eye towards the suffering of fellow beings, nature aligns for the seeker to deliver selfless service. During the month of September 2020, the youth group came to know about eight Sri Lankan people who were deprived of necessities. Without wasting a single moment, they pounced upon the opportunity which culminated in providing cooking gas facility for the affected which is more than a boon to them. As mentioned, nature aligns for the highest benefit and the group became witness to it when they went to procure cooking gas. Knowing about the nobility of the task the group endeavoured on, the vendor so benevolently agreed to provide cooking gas at half price, as they also wanted to participate in the service! If anything is more infectious than the pandemic, it is none other than the inspiration which spreads through selfless actions; which are invitations to many others and can redeem their lives.


Fire of Love

Many times, as silent witnesses to the onslaught of a physical fire human beings have to stop boasting about their capabilities and instead ruminate over the deeds which invited the bad karmic effects as part of the cosmic law. Such an incident took place in the month of September 2020 and the youth group became aware of it through a viral WhatsApp video. The stranded labourers who were residing in a makeshift shelter had to face this calamity on a fateful day. They were also going through many setbacks like joblessness and were not receiving salary since April 2020. This time, the Government itself plunged into action by providing them alternate accommodation. The self-motivated youth group got in touch with those unfortunate people and received a plea to help them with basic necessities like toiletries and stationeries.

The group set out to prepare a wide variety of indispensable things and looped in other like-minded, service-oriented groups with whom they had joined hands and executed several activities in the past. Within a short span of time, toiletries, clothes, sanitizers, hand washes, bed sheets, pillows, beds, shirts, pants and many such items were collected from different places with the help of enthusiastic volunteers in the group. With loaded vehicles, when the group visited the premises of the desolate fellow beings, they were welcomed with hearts full of gratitude. Reciprocation of love and gratitude, the most humane behaviour engulfed the very environment reminding all of them about the fraternity of God. “There is only one race and that is the human race”, these words of wisdom which emanated from the very lips of the revered Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba echoed in the hearts of the group members. Not only that, with the collaboration of other groups, daily breakfast was also started for these people and it continues week after week.

Serving the Deserved

On yet another occasion, the youth received news about 177 ladies who are working as cleaning staff in a school and whose situation was also in a very bad shape. Needless to say, as usual, without any delay, this group, working along with other like-minded groups namely Noble Group and Lions Group provided complete grocery and toiletries. Even though many consider cleaning as a menial job, denying the fact that they are the backbone of society will ultimately be proven wrong because without these people who are instrumental in strengthening the base of society, nothing will fall in place. The highest virtue that one must possess as a human being is to consider everyone as equal. All are one, equally divine and all deserve equal share of resources from mother earth. Real happiness lies more in serving than in being served; the one who serves is also deriving benefit out of it.

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