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Middle East Seva November- 2020

The pandemic situation still continues to remind all human beings as to what they have forgotten over the ages of conditioning and the ignorance which they have allowed themselves to fall into. If they are not ready to learn the lesson now, then maybe, another chance will not be there anymore. So, may they wake up to the call of nature which demands and inspires them to heed the call of distressed hearts, be it the human race or any other living or non-living thing, for that matter. They need to share at least whatever they have, after keeping aside for their needs. These noble-minded people of the Middle East, however, do not want to slip into the slumber anymore and they prefer to be awake. The lock down situation is offering lesser chances to interact, but if one is really keen to lend ears to the call of the pain-stricken fellow beings, then there are ample situations where one can find something to do.


Love Reminds

Some months back, there was an accidental fire in a fishing boat which altogether changed the lives of some poor fishermen whose only means to survive was solely dependent on what they could accumulate with strenuous day and night struggle with the wind and waves. The group, who learnt about the plight of these poor fishermen had jumped to action, providing whatever the fishermen needed to make ends meet. As it is rightly said, there is no need for reminders when love itself acts as a universal reminder. Love reminds and rewards. The only reward which these selfless volunteers ever want is the mere bliss they can experience when they extend their hands to serve the downtrodden. “Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray”, these words of inspiration from the greatest of the masters who walked on the face of planet earth, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, reverberates in this very air of the Middle East. The group, energised with the very essence of this holy mantra, did a follow up visit to the fishermen’s camp in the month of October and provided all that they needed to survive yet another month. Needless to say, the hearts of the fishermen jumped with joy and this love was all that was the need of the hour!

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