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February was filled with power packed seva activities in the Middle East. Sadhguru Madhusudan Sai says, “Love treats everyone equally and does not differentiate one person from another”. What more inspiration is required for making everyone participate in the seva activities!

The Pandemic situation brought out the innate qualities of selfless and spontaneous service in full frenzy.


The covid situation did not deter the volunteers from doing what is needed the most during these difficult times.


The volunteers played out the expression vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam in action and found its meaning experientially.

Sai Love Kits were distributed to various people in need such as 107 Kits were distributed to Car cleaning staff., 22 kits to the needy in desert region, 35 grocery kits to in-transit immigration workers and 22 kits to Fishermen.


Apart from kits, freshly cooked meals were also given which counted almost to 420 meals.

These Sai Love kits included rice, wheat flour, sugar, salt, dal, tea, spices, cooking oil, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, detergent, shampoo, vegetables, and fruits.

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The recent pandemic and the harsh climatic conditions of the desert bereft of electricity and water has made the condition of the people pitiable. With their meagre income, these kits were Divine gifts with which they can easily manage their monthly basic requirements. The sight of relief and happiness on the faces of the beneficiaries on receiving these kits can never be explained in words!


Swami said, “If you do selfless work, God will provide everything that you require”. This was experienced by one of the lady devotees who shared her experience. When she returned home after the seva, she found that one of her friends had got the exact number of food boxes required for her family, that too on right time when they were going to sit for their lunch! The lady devotee rejoiced in this ‘Sai-incidence’ as this message got engraved in her heart, forever.


sanātana dharmā teaches universal love and selfless service. Only these lofty ideals can steer the world today from abject danger of self-destruction and lead towards unity, oneness and lasting fulfilment.

One of the needy residents from the desert area had shared that he was about to go back to his native country.  Immediately, without much thinking the devotees gave him a loving send-off by handing him variety of food and groceries, just like how they would do to their family member. The beneficiary was overwhelmed and grateful with this act of kindness.

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In the current on-going pandemic, when borders of the neighbouring countries were closed, the labour class and workers were finding it difficult to stay in temporary make-shift accommodations while transiting between the countries. The volunteers immediately pitched in and contributed grocery kits to these transiting people alleviating their difficulties to a great extent. 

Thus, the entire month saw a lot of selfless work, Sai-incidences and reaffirmed the understanding of vasudhaiva kuṭumbakam.

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Fishermen seva.jpg
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