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Food Distribution

On the auspicious occasion of 96th birthday celebrations of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Sai youth from Middle East cooked and served food to about 100 beneficiaries at a ladies’ labourers camp. The menu was vegetable biryani, raita, a sweet dish, and water.

“An opportunity to serve makes us think less of self. Less of self, ultimately leads us to become selfless, thereby leading us to the path to Divine” , said Baba. Thus, the Sai youth served the ladies with much love and care, carrying the sense of gratitude towards Swami in their hearts for bestowing such a beautiful sevā to participate in.

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Satsang and service paved the road to Swami for this youth!

Swami yet again reminds us that love and service are His foot-prints that must inspire us to reach Him!

A gentleman from Malawi – a country in East Africa, Mr Dalitso, Pharmacist by profession got acquainted with one of the Sai youth of Sai Hrudayam, Brother Abhilash. There sparked a connect between them, as both had one commonality – their love for serving the unserved. With the keenness to meet Sai Hrudayam members and know more about our guru, and our Master, he attended the weekly bhajan session and addressed all at the end of the session. He elucidated his childhood days when he was orphaned and was looked after by his grandmother and other relatives. Gratitude was palpable in his talk. For him, India was all about Mahatma Gandhi. Understandably, Sri Sathya Sai Baba was not a name heard hitherto. The gentleman was very much inspired by Swami’s teachings of love and service.

Connecting the dots, his sole purpose of visiting Middle East and meeting Sai Hrudayam devotees seemed like it was only for being introduced to Swami as he had to leave for his country for good, since his visa wasn’t approved on health grounds.

Mr Dalitso returned to Malawi with a resolute to serve the needy. He spent his time learning about Swami, reading and acquainting with his service projects in Africa. The gentleman even had dreams of interaction with Swami that further cemented his determination to serve.

On the eve of 96th birthday, on November 23, 2021, somewhere in a village in poverty-stricken Malawi, many families, children and women were served food cooked by their own brethren to whom Sai baba is now a synonym of love and service.  As a prelude to the sevā, Mr Dalitso visits each home in his village takes the head count of the people there, mainly women and children, purchases the needed ingredients and prepares the food sufficient for all.

Truly, His love knows no boundaries and His love naturally springs forth into action in the form of service!

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