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Middle East Seva Report

Start the Day with Love, Spend the Day with Love, Fill the Day with Love, End the Day with Love. This is the way to God.”- Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The Middle East group commenced the New Year, by participating in Satsang, basking in Divine love and praying that the year 2020 bring all round development, happiness and well-being of everyone. Below is the capture of evincing Love through Service that the Middle East has tried to practise.

Monthly Seva Activity

Desert Seva

Deserts and scorching heat are synonymous. The much-awaited, monthly Desert Seva that began in July 2019 takes the devotees back in the sands of time, to brethren living in isolation with bare minimum facilities. Every month, the team visits with provisions that include basic household and personal hygiene items, clothing that are collected through a large network of friends, along with fresh homemade food. The happy smiles on their faces and the drastic improvements in their living conditions prove that it is truly Swami’s hands at work, transforming the Wilderness to a Paradise!


Weekly Seva Activities

Seva At Construction Sites And Ladies Camp

The Seva at construction sites began after Swami’s reiteration on Selfless Service during His Divine Discourses. The highly inspired youth team, following their participation in Youth Meets held by Bhagawan, wished to act as per His word.  Each week, the volunteers distribute fruits, juice or vegetables, and groceries. Sometimes even cooked meals are distributed in order to give relief to the construction workers who work tirelessly for many hours a day. 


The Seva to the lady workers was initiated on Swami’s command to empower women workers. Here, the mental and physical well-being of the women are prioritised by engaging them in yoga, meditation, story-telling, physiotherapy sessions along with basic literacy and computer classes. Clothes, rations, toiletries, groceries or personal hygiene items are distributed on a weekly basis.


Daily Seva Activity

One Meal A Day (Omad) Seva

This year, the devotees took Swami’s Birthday message to heart and made a resolution to feed at least One Meal a Day to those in need. This one act of kindness a day which became a daily routine brought immense joy to the giver and receiver, while simultaneously nurturing compassion, non-duality and a divine drive towards self-transformation. This Seva has proved that small efforts collectively can make a remarkable difference.


Covid 19 - The ‘Go-Within’ Interval

To the COVID-19, the Slave and Sultan are scarcely known, for regardless of race or religion, fear has struck the masses. This has been an interval to Go Within and rise from Man to God. With the weekly Seva activities put on hold from March 2020 due to the pandemic and government imposed restrictions, the devotees took every opportunity to feed and serve people who may be in any crisis due to layoff situations at their workplace. ‘Every moment is Precious, Every Situation is a Blessing, Every Being is God and To Please Him is to Love and Serve All.’

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