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Middle East Youth Activities

One may feel surprised thinking how these youths are seamlessly undertaking service activities. They show no tiredness nor any reluctance, as they keep up the spirit month in and month out. From a materialistic point of view, it can be said that, it is the beneficiary who derives advantages out of such activities, but witnessing the spirit and smiles on the faces of these youths, one can come to the conclusion that it is a vice versa phenomenon which is happening.  The contentment which the youth enjoy cannot be explained in words as it is beyond their senses and mind perceptions. It is experienced deep within their hearts and once they taste that elixir born out of such heart to heart relationship, then everything becomes crystal clear before one’s eyes.

The Liquid Elixir - Laban Seva

This is one of the most consistent service activities undertaken by the youth every week which they like to call Laban (butter milk) Seva. On all Saturdays, at noon, avoiding all the challenges that the summer throws, they visit the construction site to see their friends. With lots of love, these youthful hearts meet their less fortunate friends and, in return, those friends greet the youth with smiles.


Despite summer subsiding slowly, the cool laban always serves the purpose of quenching the thirst of these workers who toil under the sun the whole day. This service is being carried out at two different constructions sites. The youths have split themselves into two groups, each going to their allotted sites at noon and serving these poor souls. Almost 300 labourers are served thus on all Saturdays.

Apart from laban and banana, on some days the youth served packets of mixed nuts, juice and on some other day’s deodourants, razors and shaving foam were also distributed, much to the delight of everyone.

The noteworthy part of it is that day by day there are more people joining the service activities. New faces, some even belonging to different countries, getting involved in the service activities is a real sign of inclusion and expansion. The criteria here is neither sect nor caste nor is religion, but the like mindedness to serve and that is what is drawing people together.  Truly, service to mankind is equivalent to serving God. If we understand the unifying Atmic principle that governs the whole universe, then the purpose of life is met. It is only for this sole purpose that we are born in this world.


Ceaseless Love in Action 

Dry Ration, Vegetables and Fruits Seva


This service is carried out in another remote area of the region by another set of youth. It is to facilitate the smooth functioning of all the service activities that the youth decided to split themselves, thereby concentrating on their respective allotted areas. Almost 50 labourers are benefitted by this special service.

This service normally happens every Friday morning. If on one Friday, juice and vegetables are distributed, on another Friday, dry rations along with juice and bananas are served and yet again on another Friday the labourers are benefitted with rice and juice distribution. This service is like a kick start for the youth, the charge boosted thus flows for the whole week and gets re-boosted yet again in the next week, thus it goes on. Surprisingly, these youth even though they get only one official holiday in a week, which is normally expected to be used for meeting friends or having family get-togethers or a good rest, these inspiring young hearts contrarily dedicate it for spreading selfless love. It is not a simple thing, it’s indeed a great sacrifice. Yes they have understood the fact that only through renunciation one may attain immortality, freedom from the bondage of life and death.


Alumni’s Tribute - Women Empowerment Initiative


The Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions is living up to the message of their beloved Bhagawan in all the possible ways they can. As guided by their Swami, they are continuously working on empowering women belonging to less forturnate section of the society. They conduct sessions on hygiene and personal health for these women and also conduct classes on English, helping them to improve their communication skills, which will definitely prove to be very helpful in their future growth. These youth do not stop with that, as they further go on distributing vegetable kits, groceries and toiletries on selected dates. This service activity happens on all Fridays without fail and is yet another consistent activity undertaken by the youth.

 Due to the extreme climatic conditions and the nature of their hard work, many of the members of the construction camp were getting regularly sick. Unfortunately, to make the matter worse, the medical aid was also not available for them readily.  The youth, with the help of other senior members of Sai Hridayam, planned a medical camp.  This camp was among the first of its kind and it was conducted with the help of the senior members who are trained professionals in Sai Vibrionics.


 Sai Vibrionics is an alternative system of healing which works at curing diseases by acting on the vibrations of the cells of the body. Vibrations are given in a solid or liquid medium like small sugar pills or water to balance the chakras and meridians.  Sai Vibrionics is drug-free and safe, has zero side effects and can cure any type of illness. The purpose of healing with this method is to provide a simple, quick, effective and natural system that can be implemented. This method of vibration healing encompasses the basic homeopathic principle “Like Cures Like”.  Sai Vibrionics vibrations are used to promote healing and health in people using nature’s own subtle energy centres (chakras) within the body.


Coming back to the labourers’ health condition, there were multiple cases, predominantly back pains, joint pains, respiratory issues and skin allergies.


This is how the youth systematically conducted the camp. The workers are asked to come in the morning with an empty stomach.  A preliminary test on blood pressure and fasting sugar are then recorded on their case sheets.  Vibrionics professionals jotted down their findings onto these case sheets for documentation.  With the sole grace of their beloved Bhagawan, they could screen 27 patients in a record time of three hours.  Medicine is prepared in front of the patients, advising them about the seriousness of the issue and advocating the necessary steps to follow while taking medicine. 

Since the camp members hadn't taken anything since morning, the team of young sisters had planned to serve them with Chapathi, home-cooked chana masala curry and tea. It was so blissful to watch these workers partaking their first meal of the day. A few labourers who had come after their work under the scorching sun felt very happy and solaced to see delicious breakfast served for them.  The loving tears in their eyes affirmed the feeling that it is nothing other than ‘Him serving Him’.

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