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Service Activities for November

The youth from the Middle East region found it very interesting to meet their friends who toil in the hot sun to make their meagre living by serving them with refreshments before they take leave for their Friday Namaz. 


These youth serve them Laban, Banana, Raw veggies on all Fridays which makes the toiling men feel that they are not left alone in some corner of the world, far away from their dear ones. The beautiful grin on their faces while receiving the kits are just enough for the youth to get recharged for more Seva.

On Swami's birthday, November 23, 2018, these youth surprised their brothers by offering T-shirts to all, imprinted with 'Love All Serve All' which even made the others happy. Additionally, one of our youth managed to arrange for 100 T-10 Cricket tickets for all the laborers, who were beyond happy in expressing their gratitude.

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