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Sri Sathya Sai Sathyanikethanam

Hassan Campus Visit

During His previous visit, Swami had commanded the devotees from the region to visit His Hassan campus, lovingly named Sri Sathya Sai Sathyaniketanam by the Lord Himself! He had asked the group to spend some time with His children there. As much as the group looked forward to the visit, the children too awaited their arrival. Already, the unseen relationship of love was taking form!


The students welcomed the group with flowers and with enthusiasm, took each member by the hand to show them their artwork, classrooms and living spaces. At meal times, the boys themselves served the guests whom they lovingly called parents and siblings, and often came by to ensure that all their needs were met. They ate only after serving their family.


In the evenings, as per the routine, the boys played games and also ensured that the guests were playing with them, leaving no one behind. Each game ended with a prayer of forgiveness of slight and gratitude to their Sai Ma. During bedtime, the children first tuck their Swami so tenderly to bed and then sleep around their Divine guardian! In the mornings, they rise early to chant the name of the Lord and practice yoga followed by meditation.


Humbled by their unceasing love and surrender, the devotees unanimously resonate that though, outwardly the campus houses and schools these young minds; it truly is a school for each individual who has the good fortune of stepping on this sacred land and spending time with these divine, youthful minds who see the Lord in everyone! Swami's love flows through, from the establishment of this campus to these children, who though young in age, have insurmountable love for Swami and maintain discipleship to His teachings. They carry forward His message and set an example for all!


This campus stands as a true testament to the statement of “The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man”.

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