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OMAD – One Meal A Day

Due to the corona virus, one may often see people in need of help from their apartment balconies, and may hesitate to approach them out of fear of the pandemic. With hundreds losing jobs every day, there could be hungry stomachs in apparently well-off families living right next to one, hidden behind identical doors of the apartment complex. One does not know who is hungry or who needs help. When volunteers of the Sai Hrudayam family set forth with the 2020 resolution to feed “One Meal A Day” to a person in need, they often came upon people who relished happily the buttermilk, biscuits, fruits and sometimes the cooked meal that was offered to them. 22 volunteers collectively served up to 442 meals in the month of June 2020. With the rising desert temperatures and the number of unemployed increasing, now is the time when help is needed the most.

Each passing day increases the intensity of Swami’s words which He instructed on His 94th Birthday, “If I have eaten a meal today, I must ensure I have fed somebody else who is hungry; that should be the way.” If a tiny virus can spread so easily, imagine the impact of an act of kindness!

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