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A phenomenal seva of needy ones in Uganda

The youth have also been instrumental in the execution of a phenomenal seva which transcended the geographical boundaries and touched the lives of the needy in the country of Uganda.


One of our brothers during his office hours noticed a security staff who always accepted tea and snacks offered to him with great pleasure but was never seen buying even a cup of tea on his own. A casual conversation with the security staff revealed that he could not afford to waste even a single penny on his personal needs. He said that whatever money earned if not sent to his family away in Uganda, they won’t be able to have two square meals a day.


Listening to the plight of the people in Uganda, the Sai Youth from Middle East were deeply touched. This reminded them that there are millions around the world who are hungry and suffering and it is by helping them that the lives will be sanctified.


Soon, the Sai Love Kits wrapped with love and compassion reached not only the family of the security guard but also to the hands of many such needy ones in his community in the country of Uganda. The youth themselves coordinated the whole initiative and arranged the groceries which was locally purchased and distributed. Each Sai Love Kit can feed two meals a day for a person. Ten families were provided with the Kits wherein 60 people were benefitted. Total of 3600 meals were provided to these families.

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