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Middle East Youth Service Activities

During The Month Of August 2018

Service at Construction Sites and Labour Camps

Service at construction sites and labour camps have been the favourite pastime of the youth of the Middle East. They seem to enjoy each and every moment spent with their less fortunate friends. Discarding all the attractive hang outs Middle East is offering, these self-inspired youth are progressing in the path of attaining eternal happiness. They have imbibed very well the message of their beloved master Sri Sathya Sai Baba that true happiness lies in the act of giving and sacrificing. They know that to secure a permanent seat near the Lord, one has to forsake mundane, temporary pleasures. At this very young age, they are not running behind their senses nor their minds. The only prayer they have on their lips is, “Swami, please make us more selfless day by day.”  

The selfless Sai Youth of the Middle East region are always excited to welcome weekends, as they get to meet these brothers in whom they see their own reflections. They end up sharing quality time with each other and distributing refreshments, snacks, dry ration, fruits and toiletries. The loving smiles from the recipients fill the hearts of these youth with the required energy to keep them vibrant for their own personal work.

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