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Middle East  Seva Report

Jana Seva Bina Nirvana Nahi…

Swami keeps telling everyone it is only through Service to Mankind that one can get redeemed from the bonds of Karma. The youth of the Middle East Region set out to explore every possible service opportunity to serve their fellow beings. They thank Swami from the bottom of their hearts for keeping them together as one group, to think and act positively on the right path, in His Mission!

Youth Initiated Seva

The youth continue to work in gusto every weekend for their laborer brothers by procuring and serving fresh fruits. With the summer fast approaching, the youth work hand in hand with their other volunteer friends to provide the laborer brothers with buttermilk, fresh fruits, biscuits and toiletries such as shaving cream and the like. These distributions happen at different sites in the region so that more laborers are benefitted by the Seva

This happens to be one Seva where the youth are able to see the immediate reaction on the recipients’ faces with an affectionate gesture of brotherhood. The group thank Swami for enabling them to continue with this Seva which reminds them of the need to serve other fellow beings in the best possible manner, to understand them, to talk to them and share their joys and sorrows!

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