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Middle East  Seva August 2019

Desert Seva

In the month of June, the youth had initiated a new Seva in the deserts of the Middle East. They had visited caretakers of different camel farms who lead a lonely life in the desert area. A follow-up visit was done last month to meet those less fortunate and to spend some quality time with them.


The youth, with the help of elders, cooked a sumptuous dinner to be distributed for these brothers who barely eat one full meal a day. They were also given groceries sufficient to last them for one month, at least. The youth spent some quality time talking to them and making them feel cared and loved. Few of the youth also helped them clean their living space and washed their cooking utensils, so that they may have a healthy and hygienic environment to live in.  The love that was given and received was indeed priceless!

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