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Seva in the Middle East

Each week various groups of Seva teams come together to serve those who require assistance. More than the items being offered, love and friendship is shared. Every individual involved, be it the volunteers or the receivers, all express their gratitude to the Lord who is the ultimate Giver. With His grace the Seva activities of the Middle East region have continued with added vigour.


Desert Seva


The newest addition to these activities is the desert Seva which is in its third month currently. In this Seva, a team visits caretakers of animal farms in the desert. They live in small huts made out of aluminum. Hardworking and humble, these brothers have always welcomed the team with open hearts. The team too looks forward to meeting them and makes an honest effort to provide as many rations as possible. The list can be extensive at times, ranging from cooking essentials such as chili powder, oil, rice and wheat to bedsheets, tee shirts, washing powder, buckets and more. Each time, the commodities given change according to the requirements of the beneficiaries. The team also takes feed for camels at the farms. Furthermore, the youth also provide them with a hot dinner for that particular evening, which the brothers enjoy with relish. The determination of the team is being extensively rewarded and they feel blessed to serve as more and more beneficiaries come forward each month to gain assistance provided from this Seva.

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