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Middle East Seva Activities - May 2020

The beauty of a Song is appreciated when Sung for others to enjoy

The depth of Knowledge is gained when Shared with others


Similarly, if you can afford to have three meals a day, can you feed the hungry? Life is about sharing and being grateful for what one has. This has been the idea behind this Seva in the Middle East where each of the members tries to serve at least one meal every day to another person who might be in need of it.

For the month of May 2020, 13 volunteers served 269 meals, the details of which is explained in the chart below.


This year has been one of reflection. Every incident that is occurring on the Earth and to humans is not by accident. Whatever Man has seen, he has tried to touch, consume, overpower, endanger and destroy. It is payback time now. With Bhagawan emphasising on Silence, man needs to pause and observe and give back what he has in excess, so that all can benefit therefrom. Wishing all a “Mounam-May”, for only in the depths of Silence can the Voice of God be heard!

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