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Iftar Meals Distribution

In continuation of the food distribution seva for the month of Ramadan which started on April 12, 2021 and continued till May 12, 2021, the youth distributed Iftar meals to needy individuals.

Iftar marks the end of each day's fast and often celebrates and brings together the community. Providing food for others to break their fast is considered an important part of observance.

The meals comprised a variety such as pizza, vegetarian biryani, juice, milk shake, fruits, biscuits etc which were distributed by Sai youth to the needy while taking care of the necessary precautions and minimising gatherings of large number. Approximately 270 Iftar meals and sanitizers were distributed to different beneficiaries which included cleaning crew, lady cab drivers, boatmen and fishermen.

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Distribution of Sai Love Kits in Uganda


Every month, the Sai youth have been instrumental in touching the lives of the needy in Uganda. Sai Love Kits wrapped with love and compassion reached the same community once again, but this time to a larger number serving a total of 26 families with close to 60 individuals. The Sai Love Kits which were handed to the beneficiaries included the essentials such as rice, atta (flour), dal (lentils), sugar, salt, tea powder, spices, cooking oil and few hygiene items. Close to 1,200 meals can be cooked out of these kits.


It is heart rendering to see families which include children suffering from hunger and malnutrition, boast a smile on their face. Their diet is devoid of the essential micro and macro nutrients, which eventually leads to several other illness, kwashiorkor, being one of them. Almost 1470 meals were served by the youth during the holy month.

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