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Food ATM

Sai youth collaborated with an organisation, Food ATM, to serve nutritious vegetarian breakfast to blue-collar workers every day. Breakfast, being the very first meal of the day is very important for well-being and good health. Saving on their salaries thus, only a small percentage is spent on necessities, while the rest is saved to support their families in their respective home countries to provide financial means, education, accommodation and so forth.


One beneficiary, has been out of job for the past few months and is facing much hardship and struggle. On one particular night, frustrated and tired, with barely any money left with him, he wondered how he was going to fend for his next meal. The youth arrived the next morning with a pack of breakfast, and a generous portion of it too! The feeling of relief and gratitude on his face touched every single heart.

Balvikas children and youth participated in packing and serving the breakfast to the beneficiaries. While serving, these beneficiaries look happy, relieved, fulfilled and grateful, they are also being engaged in endearing conversations boosting their morale and self-esteem, and making them wanting to live life again! They have started to feel that there is someone who cares for them.

One inspired youth said, “We are committed like soldiers marching on to feed the hungry stomach.” Another youth mentioned, “Our work with Food ATM is a unique work with a rich ATM loaded with love laden food”. Another shared, “When I think of buying a juice, my immediate thoughts are, the same amount would fetch a nutritious healthy breakfast to a needy person!

This sevā which is part of the larger global initiative ‘Feed the World’ is in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and more so with Swami’s teachings of 'Give food to the hungry; food that is a gift of Goddess Nature. Give it with love and humility.'

60 needy individuals were served with fresh and hot breakfast consisting of rotis/pooris, vegetable curry and a dessert every day, which summed up to 800 breakfast meals in total.

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Uganda sevā

It was brought to notice of the youth, that families in Uganda included 4-5 children and their old parents. Earning meagre salaries, they are always in need of basic necessities like clothes, household items and etc. Educating their children is also an uphill battle. During the month of June, 500 pieces weighing about 100 kilograms of clothes, ironed and packed neatly by volunteers were sent to the community of families in Uganda, as part of the continuing youth initiative which commenced few months ago.

Refreshments sevā

With temperatures soaring close to 45°C in the Middle East, youth along with a few children joined hands in the sevā of distributing laban/juice, banana/biscuits to the tired workers who brave the heat of summer and work hard. About 400 workers in four different locations were benefitted during the month of June. Laban is a traditional buttermilk served in the Middle East.

It is said, the body’s ability to fight acidity reduces in summer. Hence, buttermilk and fruits like banana keep the stomach cool and avoid chances of acidity in long run.

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