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Food ATM

Partnering with Food ATM, the meals distribution has been happening successfully for over two months. Food ATM is a commercial enterprise dedicated to feed the blue-collar workers. Each meal provided by them costs about a dollar. The workers’ meagre salary barely suffices the needs and requirements of their families in their native country. The service of providing these meals have brought respite from financial difficulties to these workers. Sai youth of Middle East partner with Food ATM and support for the cost of the meals. The Sai youth are also involved in packing and distribution of the food packets during the weekdays. The workers are being served sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. On the special occasion of Onam, the meals included sweets – payasam (pudding made by simmering roasted/fried vermicelli in milk.)

A variety of delicacies are served in every meal which include roti/poori, vegetable curry/lentils, rice, rasam, and a sweet. In the month of August, a total of 3,420 meals were served.

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Snacks Distribution

The Sai youth have been involved in snacks distribution to the hard-working workers involved in manual labour, for a long time now. This month too, the Sai youth served a fruit, biscuits and laban (buttermilk) close to 200 beneficiaries in four different locations. This ‘act of giving’ these simple refreshments are enough to light up their faces who have been working tirelessly in the scorching heat of summer in this part of the world. These lit up faces are the tokens of gratitude that drives the youth to involve in more service activities.

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