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Collaboration with Food ATM

It’s been three months now, since the Sai youth from Middle East have successfully collaborated with a commercial enterprise, Food ATM, and are serving the blue collared workers with cheap and nutritious meals every single day. These meals include healthy vegetarian foods like pulav, mixed vegetable curry, roti (Indian flat bread), dal (lentils), raita (Indian yoghurt preparation), sweets and chocolates. This service has been very gratifying and many volunteers had experiences of transformation within themselves. Close to 2,760 meals were distributed to the blue collared workers in the month of September 2021.

Water Distribution to the Needy

Considering the scorching hot summers in this region, a sip of cool water while working outside in this sweltering heat of sun, is as soothing as mother’s love.

In association with Food ATM, the Sai youth have been very active and busy participating in the wonderful sevā of meyah (water in Arabic) distribution to the blue-collared workers, working at various construction sites.

Huge amounts of water bottles were distributed to the workers at the holy place of Gurudwara.

Close to 19,000 water bottles were distributed by the youth within the period of two weeks, every single day, at several locations covering the entire region.

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