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Food ATM

With a motto of "No person should ever go hungry", the Sai youth have been sharing a meal through One Meal A Day (OMAD) programme in association with Food ATM to the needy blue-collar workers on a daily basis. With the blessings of Swami, a milestone of 100 days of this daily food distribution programme, serving close to 11,000 blue collar workers has been achieved since June. These individuals are people with low income or no income due to closure of companies or businesses from the impact of the pandemic.

They are being served delicious, healthy, vegetarian meals which include roti/poori, rice item, dal (lentils) with a sweet every day. This month, 1,860 meals were served.

Distribution of Refreshments

The Sai youth joined hands, once again, to participate in the sevā for the needy. They arranged and distributed the snacks / refreshments to about 225 beneficiaries. This sevā brought together many enthusiastic youths and even young balvikās children participated at different locations. Biscuits, fruits, laban (buttermilk) were distributed.

The distribution especially coming from some of the young children brought a broad smile on the faces of the beneficiaries who were mostly hard-labour cleaning staff.

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