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Malawi sevā

With the recent flash floods in Malawi, East Africa, there had been distress and distraught everywhere in that country. A gentleman from Malawi, Mr Dalitso, a pharmacist by profession, who was acquainted with the Sai Hrudayam in Middle East, recently reached out to one of the active Sai youth volunteers from Middle East for help. The pitiable conditions of the people there, many being rendered homeless and struggling with basic amenities warranted immediate address. By Swami’s grace, the Sai youth took this opportunity to serve and contribute the much-needed services to the needy individuals and families in Malawi. Close to 51 families were provided with groceries and other essentials, sufficing for a month, by this concerted effort.

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Distribution of Snacks

Under the OMAD initiative, about 156 beneficiaries mostly being the cleaning staff, who are lovingly called as ‘car washing heroes’ were served with hot cup of tea and sandwiches as a token of love by the Sai youth from Middle East. It was an immensely gratifying and a humbling experience for all the youth. They work hard without minding the extremities of weather conditions just to make two ends meet. Initially, they could hardly believe that there is a community or society of people who care for them and who wish to give good, quality food for free! Later, they happily accepted and expressed their gratitude to the Sai youth and enjoyed the snacks. This service was done twice during the month.

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