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Hassan Trip by Dubai Group

Sri Sathya Sai Sathya Niketanam, lovingly named by Swami, is located in a village called Chennanahalli in Belur Taluk of Hassan district, befitting to be called as a paradise on earth.  The Hassan campus being the project of Dubai graciously entrusted by Swami, the youth from there always have a special love and affection for their little brothers of the divine campus.  A trip to Hassan during Guru Poornima was planned early in April, when the Lord had visited Dubai and asked the Dubai group to be in Muddenahalli for the Guru Poornima celebrations. It has now almost become a routine programme, that whenever the Dubai group visits Muddenahalli, they somehow make sure that they go and meet their little brothers of Hassan campus as well. The date for the visit was fixed as July 10, 2017, which was the very next day of auspicious Guru Poornima.  Since decided, the group had done a lot of preparations to make the day, the most memorable one.

On the day of Guru Poornima, while during Darshan time, Swami came near the Dubai group and told them to go and visit the Hassan campus. They felt that the Lord was reiterating the golden words uttered during His Dubai visit. Swami then moved further on the Darshan line and told the Malaysian youth also to accompany the Dubai group in their visit to the Hassan campus. It was felt, as if Swami was walking the talk, when He had declared that the Hassan campus is going to be the pilgrimage centre for many devotees from varied culture, across the globe in the near future.

The group, with members from Dubai and Malaysia accompanied by a few elderly members from UK, started from Muddenahalli at around 6.30 in the morning on the 10th of July. Almost five hours of journey took them to the much-awaited Hassan campus by 11am.

While the bus was gliding down the hill of the campus, the group could see the tiny tots anxiously waiting for their elder brothers and sisters in a commendably disciplined way, which is the real hall mark of Swami’s students.  It was so heartening to see the little boys welcoming each and every member of the group with a rose and also by touching their feet reverentially for blessings. This welcoming gesture from the innocent kids instantly moistened most of the eyes, as it was a reception first of its kind experienced by the group touching each and everyone’s hearts.

The group was taken straight to the recently inaugurated prayer hall, where a sumptuous breakfast was arranged for them.  The kids lovingly served the food, which filled their hearts more than and well before their stomachs.

After breakfast, the group along with the students and staff of Hassan campus gathered for an informal session in the same prayer hall, which was quickly cleaned by the smart and energetic boys. The session got started by invoking Swami’s blessings with few Bhajans beautifully sung by few of the boys. After the Bhajan, a few from the group gave short talks on various topics. There was also a class on hygiene by a doctor from the Dubai group.

Their joy was boundless, when a youth from Dubai group announced his interest in taking the first three rank holders from the campus to Dubai, for a short visit. The loud applauses followed from the kids, when the youths shared details about Dubai and a couple of inspiring anecdotes, clearly stated the level of enthusiasm and happiness they were experiencing.

The talks were followed by handing over of gifts, lovingly bought for the little ones by their elder brothers and sisters. The team had taken school bags, colouring pens and chocolates for each of the kids. It was a great scene for the group to watch the kids admiring the gifts that they have received. To add on to their joy, the group had also taken various sports equipment such as a full cricket set including bats, balls, pad, helmet, stumps and more plus badminton rackets, volley balls and foot balls. They are Swami’s students, hence the simplicity, respect and consideration they had for each and every small or big things is not at all a surprise, as it is obvious and much expected.

The enchanting smiles they had on their faces stands as a testimony on how Swami has carved their character and personality. The overjoyed little kids, rather to be called as “Little Swami’s” befitting their innate nature ceaselessly transmitted their joys to each and every heart present there.

The group then went around the campus and enjoyed the serenity and beauty of it. The cleanliness and discipline maintained by the kids are really commendable and noteworthy. Everything was ‘spic and span’ and the students were self-reliant and on top of it, eager to keep the place so tidy.  Such self-motivated, disciplined and devoted kids are the soul property found in only Sathya Sai institutions, not anywhere else in the world.

The kids enthusiastically explained to the group, about their routine, their hobbies and such.  Each one was keen on explaining the talents of others and this selflessness really surprised the group as it is a rare virtue to be seen in today’s world.

It was from Sri. Kamath, the campus in charge, that the group came to know that Swami had specially sent two boys from the Centre for Human Excellence and a cook from Jayapura campus to specially cater the needs of the Dubai group. The group was so over whelmed by the love and care they received from the Lord of the Universe. Upon Divine Command, Sri. Kamath took the group to the nearby hill, which in future is going to be blessed and sanctified with an edifice of Sathya Narayana temple. As the group reached the hill top, it started to drizzle and the group felt as if the lord was spraying the sacred water, which is a custom after any Vedic ritual. When the group stood on the top and viewed the campus, they could feel the spiritual current flowing passionately, prompting to envisage the future when the magnificent place will be witnessing a stupendous and marvelous bounty of miracles

After a sumptuous lunch by the special cook sent by Swami, it was now time for the group to bid good bye to the campus.  It was not easy for the group. as well as for the

kids, to say good bye. It was a heart to heart relation which got established, invisibly connecting the minds by the subtle love cords of the one and only one Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  Before the team started their journey back, the little ones, as if to keep their memories of the day, went around with their books taking notes of blessings from their elder brothers and sisters. The kids with heavy hearts repeatedly popped up the question; “When you all will come again?”, the answer for which is a definite “at the soonest” and that was the prayer emanated from the group.  As the bus started to move, it was so touching to see the kids standing on both sides of the bus waving their hands with loud wishes of Sairam. With burdened hearts, the group bid farewell to their beloved ones entrusted by Swami. They all seemed to have taken a vow to nurture the campus in the fullest possible way, even if it demanded a sacrifice of their comfort zone.

Thus, by giving, and much more receiving, loads of pure love, the team returned to Muddenahalli, with a firm faith that the future of our land is safe in these young hands. As Swami has stated, these boys are the future of India and the world at the largest, where His mission of love will flourish and the golden age, Sathya Yuga will dawn. The Dubai youth are indebted to Swami for organising such a wonderful journey to witness and learn the innocence and purity of heart from Swami’s young soldiers of love.


                                                                                                                                                              Jai Sairam

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