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Personal Transformation Experience

A Transformation Experience

My name is Moisés Guillermo Pérez Enríquez and I am 28 years old.  In November 2017 I had the honour and the good fortune of being invited to play the music from Mexico at the “World Music Festival” in honour of the 92nd birthday of Sathya Sai Baba at Muddenahalli.

I have been a devotee of Sai since January 2016 when I was invited to participate in the Bhajan group for His divine visit to Chihuahua in July of that year.  From that time on the Sai message has vibrated deeply in my heart.  “Love all, Serve all”, is the same premise with which I decided to travel in my sacred search which began on November 16, 2003 when I had a Divine experience that changed me and invited me to serve. 


The day I arrived in India was the November 16, and curiously, that was the same day I had had the Divine experience 14 years ago.  That coincidence foretold of the blessings that I was to receive in Muddenahalli. 


I am a violinist and singer, and together with my fellow musicians from Mexico we brought a selection of traditional Mexican music. My heart swelled with emotion when I was able to share with the world the beauty of my culture.  Our performance was received with applause and shouts of joy, and Baba appeared to be immensely happy.  When I received Swami`s blessing He asked me how long I have been playing, and when I answered 18 years, He materialised a golden medal with 18 diamonds, right before my eyes!


Time seemed to stop, my ears seemed not to hear, my eyes couldn`t judge, only observe; actually I could not understand what had happened, until I left the hall and went behind the stage, where I then understood what had happened.  Being close to that fire of love that is experienced in every activity, stoked the fervent desire to connect myself internally to be a better person each day.  And seeing around me such good examples, only confirmed my desire to serve and love, spreading along my journey that aroma of grace from the Divine Presence that is in each one of us.  We are all One! 

Moisés Guillermo Pérez Enríquez

Mexico Region 4

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