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Seva in the Netherlands

Inspired by Swami’s birthday celebrations last year, many youth in the Netherlands have become more active in Seva this year. The main activities were directly instructed by Swami to the youth of the Netherlands. An overview of how they have responded to the Divine command is included below. The youth pray to Swami to continue giving them these golden opportunities to serve Him and His mission!

Serving the Elderly

  • The youth visit an elderly home to spend time with the residents, share smiles and small talk, go for walks around their neighborhood and help them with their meals.

  • Around ten elderly people who suffer from mild to severe dementia are visited on a weekly basis.

  • Weekly phone call Satsang is conducted with a disabled, elderly person who enjoys spiritual talks over the phone!

  • Special events are also organised where non-devotees are inspired to serve the elderly via employers’ volunteering programmes.


Feeding the Homeless

  • The youth have partnered with the following organisations to feed the homeless and refugees:

    • A refugee center, which focuses on young refugees and provides help and support.

    • A city homeless center, which focuses on providing shelter to the homeless.

    • A volunteering organisation that drives around the city to provide meals to the homeless in the streets.

  • The youth serve lunch on a monthly basis at the refugee center since June; a dinner at the city homeless shelter on a weekly basis since September; and since June they have provided meals on a biweekly basis via the volunteering organisation, to the homeless in the streets.

  • Thus far, the youth have served around 680 meals to the homeless and the refugees.


Sai Anandam Library

  • A spiritual and multi-faith library with around 4,000 individual records from different religions and philosophies is being maintained.

  • Special Open Days and Spiritual Events are being organised at least once a quarter: the youth actively organise special days with guest speakers, centred on a theme; for example Nithya Shanti, Buddhism Day, Hinduism Day. They include inspiring talks and workshops around the special theme.

  • Currently, there are over 60 official library members with a growing circulation of books, close to 200 Facebook followers to date and inspiring 40-60 attendees from all over the country at each spiritual event.


Growing to be God

  • This year, the Sai Anandam Netherlands Foundation kicked-off the ‘Growing to Be God’ programme, where the youth are supporting the organisation and execution of the sessions.

  • There are four to six kids that have enrolled in these sessions which happen on a monthly basis.

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