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Feeding the Homeless

‘Never miss out on an opportunity to feed the needy’. I remember my father’s words to me as a kid. Years later, and that too in a foreign land, I am presented with this wonderful opportunity through the Sai Youth Initiative of feeding the homeless.

Growing up, I have been fortunate and blessed that I never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from. Both my parents inculcated in me, from a tender age, to appreciate the basic necessities in life that many take for granted and to give back to society whenever possible. So naturally, when this opportunity presented itself, I was enthusiastic to jump on board and do my bit.

In the past few months, the youth have embarked on a new project to feed about 32 homeless people at a new location in Eindhoven, Netherlands. We offer full meals, including dessert, of both Indian and International cuisine on a weekly basis. As a continuous improvement measure, the youth also gather feedback from the volunteers running this place to understand their needs and serve them better.

Inexplicable in words, the contentment one gets through this Seva experience is divine. On a personal level, being able to cook on two special occasions – Swami’s Birthday and Christmas – was indeed very humbling and gratifying!

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In today’s world, it is very easy to become self-consumed. I am therefore very grateful for this avenue where I can serve others with a meal prepared with love and from the heart. Knowing that every Seva activity, irrespective of its magnitude, makes a difference. This is what keeps me motivated and driven to do more. Cheers for many more hearty meals for the homeless!

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