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Swami is the Guiding Force

For the last nine months, the youth are actively involved in the following Seva activities by the grace of Swami. Following is the summary of youth activities:

  • Seva

    • Frequent Seva at home for the elderly: the youth visit the elderly home every week and help them during their breakfast and lunch. They engage them with small talk and going for walks in their neighborhood.

    • During important days like Christmas and Mother’s Day, the youth team up with devotees to celebrate these events in a special way in the elderly home by starting with special breakfast, singing Christmas songs and old famous Dutch songs and ending with a small token of love to each resident of the home. The elderly home consists of about 60 residents.

    • Telephone Satsang: one elderly person who is bedridden gets a telephone Satsang of about a one-hour duration, two to four times a month.

    • Library Seva: This is a special Seva; Swami commanded the youth and the devotees of Netherlands to open a multi-faith library. The youth are leading this activity by digitizing the library and keeping the books according to categories. By Swami’s grace, there are now about 5,000 books which have come from various places as donations. The youth also engage in promoting the library in key events like public festivals and organising an open day for the public. The youth are also involved in bringing the news about this unique library in a local newspaper.

    • Preparing and serving food for Satsang attendees every month


Vedam Chanting Lessons:

  • Monthly Vedam chanting sessions focusing on learning Sri Rudram as per Swami’s command


  • Organsing monthly Satsangs for the whole day with various activities including study circle, Bhajans, inspiring talks and so on.


Translation Team

  • The youth are helping the translation team in publishing the first Uvacha book in Dutch.


Website Team

  • The youth are involved in creating a website which involves

    • Ecommerce for the Uvacha books

    • Publishing and sharing the local news on the website


Youth taking the elderly for a walk


Mother’s day celebration in the elderly home


Library booth in a local festival in The Hague

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