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Youth Activities In Nigeria

April 2018

A group of dedicated youth from Nigeria is setting up an example for selfless service. The inspiration they get deep within is converted into an act of providing breakfast for children studying in Ereko Methodist Primary School in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria.  In addition to regular primary students, this school also caters for children with special needs such as learning disabled, hearing impaired and intellectually challenged.

The total number of the students in the school is 259 (regular – 200 and special needs – 59). A total of 1080 breakfast packets were served to the kids and teachers/caretakers during the month of April 2018. This service activity is carried out every Thursday of the month, spreading the message of love in action. The month of April was special as they distributed footwear to all kids as part of birthday celebrations for a devotee.

Contents of the food bags served were:

Biscuit packet x 1

yoghurt drink tetra pack x 1

cheese balls packet x 1

bread loaf x 1

packet sliced cake x 1

The group of self-inspired youth packed the essential items that were to be served to the school kids and teachers. The youth felt a wonderful joy within when they spent time with the kids.

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