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A group of vibrant youth from Nigeria continues to set up an example for dedicated and selfless service. These youths consider it as their personal responsibility to serve breakfast at a primary school in their locality. They have selected every Thursday of the week to meet up for this very sacred and divine activity at Ereko Methodist Primary School, Lagos, largest city in Nigeria.


 In this school, apart from regular students, children with special needs are also residing there. The total strength of the students is 259 (Regular – 200 and Special needs – 59).

Every Thursday, they pack the food kits with these essential items and go to the school to spend some substantial time with the kids who are from the rural sector of the community. They distribute these food packets with love and affection to the little ones who eagerly await their arrival. It is in giving where the real happiness lies.

These youths are setting beautiful examples of selfless living and seeing them, anyone can derive inspiration and will definitely be motivated to follow the path of selfless love and service.

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