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Royal Dove Creche And Nursery

The Breakfast Seva at the Royal Dove Creche and Nursery in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria feeds 120 children twice a week (and three times on special occasions), every Monday and Friday. Generally, the youth distribute packets that contain bread, fruits and an egg as these foods are both nutritious and rich in energy. These children belong to the local community around the locality of Lekki and cannot usually afford more than one meal a day. They look forward to the service and accept their love with utmost gratitude.


This month, the service benefitted 125 children twice every week, on Mondays and Fridays and thrice during the last week in April, being the festive month of Easter. The usual egg and bread along with fruits were served. Cupcakes and sweets were served as an Easter treat.


Along with the breakfast Seva the youth had organized an “Easter card making class” for the children to be given to their near and dear ones for the festive occasion. The children are filled with joy every time they are served. As a token of gratitude the children sang a song as the youth entered with the food. Each passing day, the youth look forward to serving these young hearts, as their joy of satisfaction is priceless!

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