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March 3 and 4, 2018

Introduction of OWOS Volunteer and Help Desk Management Systems

In this presentation, two One World One Sai (OWOS) systems were presented to the audience at the conference, namely, the OWOS volunteer management system and the OWOS Help Desk management system.

The presentation on the OWOS volunteer management system covered three major components:

volunteer registration/signup, volunteer database, and volunteer management team. First a short introduction of the OWOS volunteer registration page for the volunteering opportunities within OWOS was presented. Then the purpose of the OWOS volunteer database and how is maintained and managed was described followed by detailing the work of the OWOS volunteer management team. The OWOS volunteer management team is formed by volunteers. The management team works with other volunteers directly on specific assignments. Finally, a list of the volunteer positions needed by OWOS was presented to the conference audience.

The second part of the presentation provided an overview, the purpose, the functions, the basic work process of OWOS Help Desk system, including how to contact OWOS Help Desk, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the Help Desk management team.

As we continue working together as a team to improve the OWOS Volunteer and OWOS Help Desk management systems, these systems will continue to grow and improve.

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