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Seva in Poland

1) The Association has continued to cooperate with the Warsaw Seva Association (WSA) which has been feeding homeless people five times a week for two years now. They have started to help WSA in food preparation and distribution of meals to homeless people. This July, ten people from the Association LOVE ALL - SERVE ALL took part in this Seva.


2) In July, about 20 people from Poland took part in the Guru Poornima celebrations in Muddenahalli. Some of the people helped every day in preparing food in the kitchen.

Most of the people from the Polish group helped for two days to prepare 3000 vibronic pyramids. Later, the pyramids were given as a Prasadam, when some people took part in the distribution of the pyramids.


3) "The Uvacha", Volume Five as well as "The Divine Story", Part One, are being translated.


4) Every day, as sadhana, some devotees from the group are using their knowledge to make a transfer of Divine Energy to people who ask for help. The Energy is transferred directly to the patient’s body or it is done remotely. Apart from people who are suffering, the transfers of Divine Energy are also made for Earth, Nature, Homeland, Galaxy, Universe and various types of events and situations.

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