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Minimising Food Waste

Youth of Warsaw, Poland

Sri Sathya Sai Baba always reminded all, “Do not waste food, do not waste money, do not waste time, do not waste energy, do not exploit nature.”

Every day, all over the world, tonnes of food are thrown away every day without any hesitation. A lot of packing is used just to decorate and preserve the food for longer time for which non-degradable items like plastic and tin are also being used. These non-degradable items are further causing much harm to our nature.
It is also said in the ancient spiritual texts of India, ‘annam na nindyaat’ – ‘Do not abuse food.’ It is through food that we have come. So, food must be respected verily as God. With much hunger crisis plaguing humanity today, few are fortunate enough to have sufficient food on their plates every day. Keeping this in view, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai flagged of the initiative ‘Feed the World’ in November 2018. As on date, a few million meals have already been served in close to 30 countries, with the premise that, ‘I will feed at least one person every single day.’ 


We can begin the process of reformation through our own actions. The Sai youth of Warsaw took a firm step to do their part by collecting excess food from various points and serving them to those in need. Their daily mantra has been:

  • I must act now. I will not wait until tomorrow, and will set an example to others through my actions

  • Nature is my friend; the Earth is our home

  • I will recycle. I pick up trash if I see any on the streets, forests, parks or on beaches

  • I will make an effort to collect excess food from shops, markets, and homes, and share this food with those in need

  • on spread.I do not wait. I act now. Every day brings change. Let the positive revoluti

May this positive approach propagate throughout the world!

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