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The Activity Report of Youth and the Polish Association

From January to September 2019

The youth and elders who are members of the Polish Association participated in some activities from January to September 2019.

  • A booklet called The Message which covers the New Earth and the development of Cosmic Consciousness was prepared to be published in February. It was distributed free of charge.

  • The Association conducts ongoing workshops and lectures for many groups, depending on their awareness. Classes and workshops are conducted in the presence of the Robe of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, which the Polish group received in Muddenahalli in 2018. At each meeting there is meditation, discussion, transfer of Divine Energy and Arati.

  • In April, a few-days’ workshop about higher consciousness for the group was held outside of Warsaw.

  • In May, the Association started the programme for children called ‘Growing to be God’. The meetings are held every Sunday before Bhajans.

  • In May, the Association started to cooperate with the Warsaw Seva Association (WSA), which has been feeding homeless people and those in need, five times a week for two years now.

  • In May, the Association together with The Warsaw Seva Association organised a collection of sweets for children in a childcare home in Warsaw on the occasion of Children’s Day.

  • “The Uvacha” Volume four was translated in May. Also the “Divine Story” Part One, as well as the first part of The Message were translated.

  • Every day, as a sadhana, some people from the group use their knowledge to make a transfer of Divine Energy to people who ask for help. Transfers of Divine Energy are also made for The Earth, Nature, Homeland, Galaxy and Universe.

  • In June, a group of 25 people had a workshop outside Warsaw. During that meeting, the organisation of Polish Seva was discussed. The workshops also served the spiritual development of the group.

  • In July, 20 people from Poland took part in the Guru Poornima celebrations in Muddenahalli. Some of them helped in the kitchen to prepare food for the Western Canteen every day.

  • “The Uvacha“, Volume five, as well as “The Divine Story” Part One, are being translated.

  • In September, the supplementary lessons for the book “Growing to be God” were translated.

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