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Upon Bhagawan’s instructions, Region Four’s mission was to serve the homeless, and serve the children. In the USA, Sai Ashraya Street to Stability was founded to “find a permanent solution to homelessness.” All across the country, from California, to Texas, to Alabama, the youth mobilized by doing weekly and monthly Seva t o help  serve  the hundreds   of  homeless   scattered   across  each

city. Making breakfast and lunch for them, and just interacting with them as they would with anyone else, bringing pure joy to the homeless faces. But, most importantly, youth are talking the steps from temporary fixes to permanent solutions  to  get the  homeless back to stable, productive


lives. After all, by serving humanity, youth are indeed serving Him.

As per Bhagawan’s divine command and instructions for Canada, the youths were asked to get together and form a group as “Peace Pilgrims”. The youths took steps and initiatives to fulfil and adhere to the Divine request. Regular monthly food packets were distributed on the streets of Edmonton, Surrey and Vancouver. A group of youths from Toronto also did similar food packets for the needy friends. The youths joined in with the adults to conduct regular workshops on Values Based Education to unemployed youths and assisted in educating teen mothers to nurture and develop their child with a strong vision of reducing homelessness.

In Argentina, the youth serve child patients who received ambulatory treatment in Rivadavia Hospital by giving gifts and interacting with them wearing clown costumes. Items like clothes, toys, and school supplies as well as the time spent laughing and playing with them give the entire family love and support and hope that the children’s health can improve.

In Mexico, the youth were guided by Swami to a man, who himself is a reformed drug addict and ex-gang member, that spent every afternoon giving free boxing lessons to children ages 6 to 21 in the community. The gym, “Salvando Angeles” (Saving Angels), was created because he wanted to save his own    children     from joining the gangs. After joining his mission, the youth have strategically planned on how to grow the gym.

It has now been conducting weekly values classes for the children on reading comprehension and mathematics. This is a remarkable example of collaboration between the youth and individual citizens and how, with Swami’s direction, we can find unsung heroes in our community and help them all serve the underprivileged.

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