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Service Projects in Russia


1.    Eco-project "Clean forest" is a project to clean up the forest in places where people have picnics, where there is a lot of household garbage left behind after the picnics. The Gayatri Mantra is chanted as the cleaning is carried out. By doing this, the volunteers observed a positive shift in the situation in these places of the forest. People have started to clean up after their picnics! The project involves two cities and five to ten people. The project was resumed in the summer of 2018.

2.    Eco-project "Bag" - the purpose of this project is to respect nature and resources, and provide environmental education to children and adults.  The essence of the project is to produce hand-made bags of fabric and reusable bags for packing fruits and vegetables in the store, and their further distribution as gifts to participants of social projects!


3.    The social project "Family" help large and incomplete families in need. The volunteers in this project help the families with food and hygiene products for young children. Moreover they hold mini-holidays and have talks about human values and Swami’s teachings.  

4.    The social project "Movement of Life" is a project to restore large-scale body motility in children with disabilities. Disabled children begin to move, sit, crawl and walk. The volunteers organise talks with their mothers about elements of Swami’s teachings.

In addition, a Facebook page “Youth in Love” of service activities, in Russian speaking countries of Russia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, has been created where everyone shares their service projects. Besides, the emblem of their group has been designed for future use. They have produced T-shirts and cups with this logo!

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