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Russia Seva

The youth of Russia have been engaged in Seva activities by the Grace of Swami. The following is a summary of activities done in the past eight months:


  • Supporting people who are on self-isolation in Moscow region. Basic necessities such as food and medicine are distributed every day.

  • Disabled families were helped with food.

  • Monthly assistance was provided to 30 single mothers with two to three children from orphanages. They were given food, clothes and stationary products.

  • Low-income families were helped with products and clothes for children.

  • Translation – Uvacha team: The youth took active part in Russian translation team of Uvacha. They worked hard during this period to prepare two books of Uvacha Volumes 6 and 7 for Guru Purnima. Currently they are working on translating Uvacha Volumes 8 and 9 and “The Story Divine” part 2.

  • Master the Mind series is being translated for Russian speaking group on WhatsApp.

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