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Seva in Oakland, California

during Summer Holidays

Many great people have said that the youth are the future of any nation, as they have in them a passion, a power – an immense mental and physical power and a power of good thought. Youth, if guided in the right way, can carry out the most impossible tasks successfully. Youth, if encouraged to do good work, can carry out community service with no hesitation.


This year, the summer holidays were turned into service holidays for many of the high school kids who wanted to do good work for the community, whole heartedly and selflessly. The project was carried out every other Sunday, where a group of kids and their parents met and prepared about 100 bean burritos with much love and excitement! They cooked and packed these bean burritos for three homeless shelters in Oakland, California. They also distributed bananas and juice packs along with the burritos.


It is not just the food that they have been preparing and sharing with the people but the amount of care, concern, love and dedication they have for these people is really inspiring. At this tender age, they are blessed to have the seed of love and service sown in their hearts! These kids have also started to practice ceiling on desires in their lives and many have even spoken in their schools and with friends about the work that they are doing by following Bhagawan’s words of being fearless and shameless (not to feel bad about spreading awareness about the Seva). Although they do not know Bhagawan physically, HE always resides in their hearts and guides them!

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