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Northern California

The youth of Bay Area as part of Sai Ashraya initiative has been working immensely with several homeless youth in bay area. This time the Sai Ashraya team wants to give a glimpse of what exactly goes through the life of the homeless and what hardships they face and how things quickly change in their lives. Recently they came across a 26-year old homeless lady who recently moved to the bay area. She was found living in a dilapidated RV that she shared with another homeless friend. When the so-called well to do people will not share their home to someone they don’t know, it is amusing and beautiful to know how helpful these homeless people are to other people. It is truly that they live with a heart full of love.

The Sai Ashraya team spoke to her in detail about how to get her out of homelessness permanently and how they can help in getting the lady trained in job skills that would enable her to become independent and self-sufficient.  The team facilitated her entry to a free training programme which provided her job training along with stipend. The lady who is living in a dilapidated non-functional RV, with no electricity was so thrilled and cooperative to attend the training and was extremely interested in learning.

During the course of her training, her dilapidated RV was taken away by the cops as you cannot have abandoned RVs in public places. Sai Ashraya team worked with this youth, to house her temporarily until they could move her into a more permanent place. Sai Ashraya volunteers provided her with basic amenities and hygienic products. The lady infact had to use the nearby gas station even to use the restroom. Now, the lady has successfully completed her five weeks in training and is enroute to becoming a permanent employee.

This is one of the success stories of how we can move a person from Street to Stabilit. The amount of hours spent by Sai Ashraya volunteers is immense and they are seeing rewards. 

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