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November in Kansas City

Having started in September, the young adults from Kansas City are continuing on their path to reach out to, engage and lend a helping hand to displaced teens. When the Sai Youth last checked in with them, they had assessed and chose to work with one teen in particular who had demonstrated accomplishments and a keen sense of determination and optimistic outlook for her future.


As the young adults were just starting to get acquainted with available community resources, one of them received a phone call late at night from one of the teens that they had met at the overnight shelter a few weeks prior. This young lady was sent out by the shelter and other social safety nets and had called us as a last resort. She was on the street and given the untold trials and desperation she was in, she came forth and said she did not see the point of living anymore. She was literally on her last lifeline. While haphazardly scrolling through her phone for any remaining source of help that night, something - God, she says - told her to call the number of the person she had met at the shelter. Our young adult had told the young lady that if there ever came a time when she needed help, to reach out to her. The time was now it seemed and after hearing out the recent, tragic turn of events that she had been through and doing the best to console and reinvigorate life into her; the Sai Youth took a leap of faith and found a nearby hotel for the homeless teen until a more permanent housing solution could be attained.


Over the next couple of days, the Sai Youth checked in on the young lady and went grocery shopping with her, and in addition, found and started the paperwork process to move into an apartment at a complex with a multitude of job and continuing education opportunities within walking distance. As the Sai Youth were just starting to catch their breath, one of them received a call one evening from two young souls, a couple who were also acquainted with the Sai Youth from the shelter. The young lady and man had spent the previous night under a bridge and after wholeheartedly praying, had called because they had no other place to stay that night either. The Sai Youth felt this was another opportunity that Bhagawan was providing them with. They immediately swung into action and checked the couple in at a hotel and provided a much needed hot meal.

It really seemed like things were going according to plan when the one-bedroom at the apartment complex our teen had selected came off the market and the only available option for move-in was a two-bedroom! That weekend, all the arrangements to move in were made, a contract to convey conditions for housing assistance to the three teens was drafted and signed, and a fun afternoon of move-in shopping brought everyone together. These teens demonstrated their urge to move on from their past lives and start anew with the help, resources and opportunities that were provided. All three needed to finish a GED (General Education Development) program and a nearby library happened to be accepting new enrollees within a couple weeks of the move-in! In addition, while rent would be subsidized for the first few months, it was urged to the teens to apply for jobs and go through the interview process immediately so that any income could then be supplemented for day-to-day expenses and savings.


The Sai Youth know that this process of rehabilitation and re-assimilation into society is only just a beginning for these three young souls; but through the journey so far, every day has become an opportunity for the young adults to keep expanding their comfort zone, living with more faith and detachment, and ultimately, keep getting closer to Him.

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