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Kansas Seva

As winter continued and snow blanketed Kansas City, the Sai Youth continued on their mission to share food and love with displaced communities. On Super Bowl Sunday, the youth gathered at a grocery store to pick up a case of water bottles, Gatorade and green tea. They then picked up an assortment of 30 fresh-made, delectable desserts, including cupcakes, muffins, cookies and brownies from a local bakery. Finally, they headed to a pizza restaurant to pick up 20 large cheese pizzas, for which they had placed an order the night before.


With their car fully loaded, they proceeded to a church, the same church whose Sunday Service they had brought lunch to, for the previous month. This church was in a much underserved community with many homeless and destitute folks. Especially after connecting with the pastor and some of the congregation during the previous month, the youth knew they were in need of help. The Sai Youth were welcomed with open arms and warm hugs when they arrived with the lunch. They were able to sit in on a wonderful service, which included heartfelt gospels sung by the entire community of around 25-30 souls.


Everyone joined in and helped themselves to the delicious feast before them, and thanked God for giving them the blessings of both - being offered and being able to provide love-infused food. Cleanup then ensued and the satiated souls thanked the Sai Youth for their selfless act again and invited them to visit whenever they could, with or without rations. Indeed, the Sai Youth look forward to continuing this every month and transforming themselves, and their community along the way!

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