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Seva in Kansas City

March 2019

As winter turned to spring, and the skies opened up, the Kansas City (KC) youth turned another page in their journey of transformation. In the last few months, they would prepare hot meals and take them to a drop-in community dinner. There, they would hang out, participate in the guest group activity and serve dinner to displaced youth. This time, two Kansas City youth went with two freshly prepared trays of noodles, salad, chips, cookies, drink boxes and water bottles, enough for 25 hungry souls.


The Kansas City youth settled in and listened in on a discussion already underway, touching on points from the apparent racism of law enforcement in the inner-city and their role in promoting distrust and violence, to the plight of inner-city youth without opportunities or a support system. One especially vocal young man preached, "If you don't find love at home, you go find it in the streets." Some spoke passionately, while others were more reserved. A few jokes now and then kept the atmosphere ripe for open sharing and being 100% real. As the discussion waned, the Kansas City youth got the dinner ready and chatted with a few of the young people while serving, commending them on their sharing or asking how they were doing. Some food was left over after all the youth had their fill and took some extra food back to their shelter or home. The two Kansas City youth decided to make to-go containers and drove around the vicinity looking for those who may welcome a warm meal. Along the way, warm smiles and even a phone number was exchanged!


As the Kansas City youth closed their now-empty trunk and got in their seats to head back to the bubble of suburbia - seemingly another world away - they were reminded yet again of the transient nature of their world. They were here, only to rediscover themselves and love - everything else was indeed secondary!

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