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Bay Area Seva

“Expansion is my life” Bhagawan’s declaration is the supreme reality! The devotees are seeing it happen just as He had expressed it a few years ago and continues to command – “My devotees will be my eyes, my hands, I will do my work through them”!


The Sai Ashraya team have been serving in the local neighborhoods of poverty stricken Oakland for quite some time now. As the word is spreading that a group of people are doing excellent yeoman service to the community, more people have started joining in. These are not Sai devotees. They are friends and family from every walk of life. Slowly, many non-devotees from the neighborhood such as colleagues, dentists, business contacts and neighbors have started coming together to be part of this beautiful selfless Seva that is happening!


Recently, in East Bay, a group of people who are non-devotees came together, and they wanted their children to learn selfless service and the ground reality of life. Initially one parent with two children came for this Seva about 6 months ago. Soon after, a few more parents brought their teenage kids. The usual Sai devotees would continue to sign-up for food materials, cook and pack and distribute; but slowly, more and more non-devotees along with their children approached and started participating actively. After almost 6 months now, only non-devotees gather every alternate weekend, they sign-up and maintain the food sheet, they prepare and cook the food, they pack it and distribute to the homeless without any involvement of the Sai devotees who started this Seva!


This is what Bhagawan said, that His Love will expand and envelop the whole world! It is a great joy to see kids from ages 9-14 come together by themselves and bond over this selfless activity. It is more awesome to see the kids talk about homelessness in the city and discuss their issues and debate the solutions. Only Bhagawan can do this miracle of transformation of young hearts. It does not matter whether they pray to Bhagawan or not, but they are doing HIS work and God will pull them into His fold one way or the other. We are truly witnessing the spring of Prema Yuga, where the entire world is going to be filled with Atma Jnanis and spiritually elevated beings!

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