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Homeless Feeding Service in

Fremont, California

On August 18, 2019, a glorious and beautiful Sunday afternoon, several youth gathered at a residence in Fremont, a city Southeast of San Francisco, to prepare sandwiches that would be delivered to homeless shelters to feed the needy. The idea was to make 100 vegetable sandwiches and 15 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with bananas and juice boxes to make it a healthy and nutritious meal for the homeless. The week before the Seva day, the youth coordinated the procurement of ingredients such as bread, cucumbers, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese spread, mustard, bananas and juice boxes that would be used to make the meal.


Once all the youth and children (future youth) gathered at the residence, they set up tables and covered them with sheets to prepare the sandwiches. Then they organised the ingredients in an assembly-line format with stations to do various things like sorting the bread from the packets, applying cheese spread/mustard, adding cucumbers, lettuce and sun dried tomatoes and eventually wrapping the sandwich in paper. Once packed, the sandwiches were placed in three different boxes and paired with equal quantities of bananas and juice boxes to be distributed to the homeless shelters. Each person received a healthy meal of a sandwich, a banana and a juice box. The prepared food was dropped off by the youth at three different homeless shelters in Oakland, California.


The team of 12 youth and nine children thoroughly enjoyed the sandwich making process and at the same time learned about being compassionate, kind and caring to their fellow human beings. The youth were enthusiastic and eager to make more sandwiches and serve to additional shelters on a regular basis and to extend times for their children to work together and feed the needy!

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