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Youth Activities in Arizona

Due to COVID 19, there have been severe restrictions at both local community centres and homeless warming centres in Arizona. Both these help centres have been completely closed to outside volunteers since March 2020, bringing many hardships to the children and families in these centres. After seven months of closure, the centres have reopened in November 2020.  

Since the reopening, the youth of Arizona have been going to Payson Community Kids Centre where they could cook large amounts of dinner and desserts for the children and their families. Homemade macaroni and cheese with buttered French bread and a variety of cakes and other desserts were also served during the month of December 2020. The Payson Community Kids (PCK) has been a centre in the community for decades and the youth felt very fortunate for the opportunity to serve the children and their families.

The homeless population continues to grow substantially during these difficult times. A small group of volunteers from churches have initiated a local warming centre for the homeless. The Sai youth took the opportunity to feed them. Just in the last three months, large quantities of stews/meals enough to feed around 75 people at a time, breads and desserts were provided. This has been a very fulfilling experience for the youth.

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