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Bay Area Outreach


As per the National Annual Homeless Assessment report it has been documented that about 35,000 homeless youth are found in shelters and streets every night. Around 25% of this population is based in and around the Bay Area. Most of these youth are either runaways or abused by family or are out by choice. At least 5% of the youth are the ones who really want to make a difference in their lives, although being on the streets or in shelters.

After Bhagawan’s Divine visit to the Bay Area this year, the youth have been inspired to take at least 50 youth off the streets (~ street to stability). 

The Sai youth around the country re-spun the wheel of research to find able homeless teens. In the Bay Area, the Sai youth connected with multiple sources and the county to get in touch with multiple youth shelters in San Jose, Oakland, Redwood City and other parts of the Bay Area in order to reach out to more homeless youth population.


As the Sai youth have been volunteering at a few youth shelters regularly, they have a very good reputation in these establishments. A lot of nearby youth shelters have started sending invitations to the team for a presentation about the mission and vision of Sai Ashraya, to see if they can collaborate with the group.


The focus of these presentations was to identify and help place interested candidates into an employment training program as housing was already taken care of for them through these shelters. By Bhagawan’s grace, Sai Ashraya’s awareness program is growing and new employment trainers and youth shelters have been collaborating with the group. 

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