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Seva Collaborations in the Kansas

As spring turned to summer, the Kansas City youth continued their monthly service to provide dinner for the local displaced youth. This month, they ordered in pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks - a definite youth favourite! But before they could enjoy that, the roughly 20 youth and shelter workers gathered for a community presentation by a local activist. This was a very informal discussion centering around what the youth can do to be a more positive part of the community, anything from prioritizing their education to not creating distance between law enforcement and their community. At the very least, the idea was to educate the kids about how certain decisions are made at local governments and how they could be active citizens. After some honest, hard-hitting but also funny and disarming comments, the pizza dinner arrived and their focus could only be held for so long! For some, it had been weeks since they had a warm meal they would actually look forward to, so every bite and sip satiated a deep hunger and thirst. But for the Kansas City youth, serving in this capacity allowed them to be reminded of their own blessings and path - and satiate their own deep desire to go from I to We to He.

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