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Region 4 Young Adults’

Master the Mind Initiative

“Silence is the language of God. All else is poor translation.” - Rumi


In November 2019, Sadguru Madhusudhan Sai encouraged the young adults of Region 4 which comprises the countries of North and South America, to meet more regularly, perhaps monthly, if possible. The pace of His mission has continued to increase and along with it, so has the willingness of His youth to respond to the call, primarily through selfless service activities. The Divine Master, always willing to do what is necessary and beneficial for His children at the appropriate time, delivered the beautiful Geetha Gyana Yagna discourses and followed them, unexpectedly, with the seemingly novel and brilliant Master the Mind series. With a slight twinge of trepidation, the Region 4 youth began to wonder whether they could implement an additional set of practices to their regular sadhana activities. After all, for able-bodied youth, it was assumed that their role in the mission was to be available for any outward-oriented Seva that might require open hearts and a little ‘heavy-lifting!’ Ultimately, a few months ago, their shraddha in the words of their beloved Sadguru and Lord prompted them from within, to attempt the 30-day program that was instituted at Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli. Each youth made the commitment to meditate daily for 20 minutes, per Bhagawan’s instructions, and listen to a Master the Mind discourse each day. A group of five young adults, hoping to keep themselves and everyone in the group motivated, began inviting guest speakers to address the youth each Saturday and to answer their questions related to the subject of meditation. The Omniscient Jagadguru, delighted that His devotees were answering the call, began sending one Divine instrument after another to meet with them. Names such as David Cornsweet, Murali Vullaganti, Victory Craxi, and Isaac Tigrett represent a few that would be familiar to Sai devotees. And although they were living on the opposite end of the planet from Him, Bhagawan periodically sent encouraging and uplifting messages that compressed space and time, to bring the young adults closer to His feet where all lessons are to be learned. By the grace of the Sadguru, an amazing transformation of each Region 4 youth is being witnessed, however imperceptible it may appear, by the knowledge of that Brahman whom each one is, was and always will be. This was always the mission of the Sai Avatar: for humanity to know the highest truth that it is Divinity Incarnate. His Jnanis, knowing who they truly are, will be able to respond unhesitatingly to all situations just as He would. Now, their dearest Swami has informed the youth that He will ‘speak’ in a revolutionary way as Prema Sai Baba. Master the Mind represents the final boarding call for the flight into the Golden Age, and their gracious Divine Mother Sai wants all of them to join Him on-board!

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