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Youth Activities in Kansas

A few young adults at Kansas had been working with formerly displaced youth for more than two years now, helping them with rental assistance, career and education advancement, providing mental and physical health, helping with transportation and other miscellaneous requirements. The one thing that the young adults (YAs) have learnt is to be patient and allow the youth to learn and develop along their own path.


It is certainly challenging for all, especially in these times, but it is also worth celebrating and sharing certain key milestones, to inspire others and keep our collective momentum and spirits up.


A youth has just finished passing her Kansas State Board Cosmetology Exams. Through almost two years of going to school, learning, doing practicals, and studying, while also juggling work, she was able to finally achieve a big step in her dreams in early January this year. She is excited now to work as a fully licensed cosmetologist and take strides toward opening her own business one day. Youth helping youth made it all possible and she is very grateful to the Sai Youth who extended all the support for her.


In another case, the YAs were put in touch with a youth who didn't have many options as far as a place to call his home. The YAs decided to meet him and understand his story and his aspirations. They decided to give him some stability by providing rental assistance and career help. It was a heartwarming moment when the YAs told him of their decision to support him, and the homeless youth shed tears and said his prayers were being answered.


It is indeed a fresh and exciting start in 2021 for these youth and YAs. Who knows what this year will bring, but it truly feels like it will be defined by those moments, the ones that bring us closer to our true selves, the ones that propel us from I to We to He, the ones that show us we are all One.

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