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Sai Ashraya Youth Service

Homeless Seva - August 2017

The youth of Northern California meet every Saturday and come together with a feeling of unity and love with only one purpose, that is to serve fellow neighbours of the society that are deprived of the basic needs like shelter and food. The volunteers cook different breakfast items like burritos, hot soup and such, then serve in the streets of San Jose. So many loving experiences happen during the Seva, that the team realised what Bhagawan says “We do not serve others, but we actually serve ourselves”.

This is one of the notable instances that happened which transformed everyone present there: There was a homeless person standing outside a restaurant in the morning hours and neither the restaurant would let him enter, nor the people who were eating breakfast in the restaurant paid any attention to this unfortunate homeless friend. It was such a tough sight to watch, to see people sitting inside the restaurant having a good time, laughing and eating, while outside the restaurant our homeless friend was just looking at them yearning for some food. When the youth approached the homeless friend with freshly made hot and tasty vegetarian bean burrito, he grabbed the food from their hands, sat right there and started eating without a second thought. It looked like the man hadn't eaten for days, because he did not even look at their face, he just went for the food and literally grabbed it and without a blink of an eye started eating in that same spot. Only after eating did he even look up to see who had given the food. It was such a heart wrenching sight for the youth to see how food is valued by certain sections. There are many similar experiences which led the youth to take kids along with them during food distribution as it showed and taught everyone the much needed "Ceiling on Desires" as provided by Bhagawan. The children of the volunteers now consider the homeless as part of the family and think about them, this noble selfless thought is driving them to make decisions and nurture them into loving citizens of the world.


While the youth are giving breakfast to homeless friends, internally the prime motive is to break the ice with them, befriend them, show them love and understand their struggles and identify the best help that can be provided to get them out of homelessness permanently. The Seva activity has become more like an outreach by which committed homeless people are identified and helped by Sai Ashraya team.

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